TURTrades window

TURTrades window


1 . ActionsActions


NewTrade - Get new Stock symbol

NextDay       - Advance by One Day

Buy                     - Buy Stock

Sell                     - Sell Stock

Short               - Short Stock

Cover             - Cover Stock

Next                   - Advanced by a number of days entered in a box.

2 . How to use datesHow to use dates

How to use dates

Random - Select random date between Start and End.

End               - Uses date selected in the End date entry.

Current   - Uses today day.


3 . SymbolSymbol


Stock symbol used.

If Random Symbol is unchecked you can enter your own symbol.

4 . DatesDates


Dates between which random stock symbols will be generated.

5 . Stocks optionStocks option

Stocks option

Select to use stock or ETFs.   You can also have user stock list.

User file needs to be located in the same directory as executable and needs to be called User.txt

6 . Stop settingsStop settings

Stop settings

If 0.0 is entered no stop is set.


Auto   - checked stop will be placed at specified percent.

                - not checked you have to enter your own stop price.


If you are holding a stock you can uncheck and check auto to readjust stop.


7 . Chart SettingsChart Settings

Chart Settings

Change chart setting for upper and lower chart.


8 . Trading StatisticsTrading Statistics

Trading Statistics

Statistics about the account.

Balance gain loss.

9 . Accout HistoryAccout History

Accout History

Trading history this can be saved with Save button.

10 . SaveSave


Save trading history

XML in xml format.

CSV in comma delimited format can be used with Excel.

11 . Reset Account Reset Account

Reset Account

Reset Account and   clears all trades.

12 . Upper ChartUpper Chart

Upper Chart

Shows short time trend specified in days.

13 . Lower ChartLower Chart

Lower Chart

Shows long time trend specified in years.

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