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TurTrades lets you practice stock market trading, by replaying REAL historical stock prices and technical indicators.
You can get years of trading experience in few hours, by replaying stock market data while you practice trading.
TurTrades could be also used to look at historical charts and prices. It is sort of paper trading in the past and next day is only a click away. TurTrades could also be a thought of as stock market game, to see how much you can grow your account.
TurTrades has been created for my personal use, but thought others might find it useful, that is the reason for this web page.
Historical Chart at specified date.
Show Current Chart.
Trade long or short, with stops.
Place stops.
Specify time period.
Enter symbol or have it randomly generated.
Number of technical indicator. It's free.
How to use(Overview)

Press "NewTrade" to get Started. With default setting every time you press NewTrade TurTrades will get new stock symbol at random date between Start and End dates.
Use NextDay to move to next day. Use Buy and Sell button to buy and sell security.
Help for more details(right click save as to save).


Android app on Google Play
To Start practicing your trading:

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